Customer Engagement Strategies

We supply insights on customer needs, value proposition perception and value chain improvement to enrich or calibrate your engagement with customers.

We do a vertical deep dive into lifecycle stages of acquisition, onboarding, usage and retention as well as a broad horizontal scan across the whole engagement strategy of your business.

Depending on your business capabilities and commercial strategy we provide a strategic or macro-segmentation approach to identify up to 10 large segments of customers.

Alternatively we go into a micro-segmentation approach to identify 10-30 segments or if the level of customer engagement automation allows, we profiling of 30+ segments.

On top of the segmentation, we measure gaps in perception of the current value proposition at different customer life-stages within each segment to help create new offers or fine tune the existing ones. We help you personalize the tone-of voice of your communication in addressing particular segments across your engagement channel footprint.

By applying self-learning algorithms and A/B testing, we help select the best offers you can scale to maximize your revenue and margins while protecting your high value customers.

Among many others in the first place we focus on the following key customer engagement strategies:

and education

Short term

Long term
relationship management

of wallet protection


Early warning
inactivity management

and delight

Proactive upselling and steered product
line migration management